I first encountered Hang in the hospital where she was waiting for strabismus surgery with her Mum. Although already four, she looks much thinner and weaker and kept glancing around uneasily. Discovering Hang suffered from Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) since birth, her family went heavily into debt to pay for their daughter's treatment. Sadly, like many ROP patients, she developed strabismus. Hang's case was eventually spotted during an ORBIS-supported outreach program. She was arranged to receive surgery which would be operated by Dr. Kim Oanh, an Orbis-trainer ophthalmologist. Outside the operating theater, Hang's Mum kept crying as she was worried about her tiny daughter. While really sad, I was incredibly moved to witness just how much this woman loved her child! Luckily, Hang's surgery ended in success. A life transforming surgery was done in 20 minutes. On the day she left hospital, Hang looked really happy and even took my hand as we walked through the long, dark corridor and together towards light! Let us hope this courageous little girl's life from now on will be filled with joy and that the only tears her Mum will cry will be one of joy!

"Orbis Ambassador" Ms Sandra Ng Kwan Yu