The Mwikas are a dirt-poor Zambian family who eke out a living by buying and selling bags of charcoal. Though Mrs. Mwika knew that her three daughters – Beauty, Lucy and Memory – all suffered from poor vision for many years, she was unaware their conditions could be easily treated and cured.

One day, Beauty seriously scalded herself with a boiling pot because of her poor vision. Terrified of a repeat of such a terrifying incident, Mrs. Mwika was determined to do all she could to restore her daughters' sight. Sadly, when she took them to a nearby hospital she was told no pediatric eye care services were available.

Luckily, some 800kms away from the Mwikas' home, Orbis and its donors are helping Kitwe Central Eye Hospital equip and staff a Children's Eye Care Center providing outreach services for some 3,500,000 local youngsters.

Hearing of this one last source of hope, Mrs. Mwika and her three daughters walked along muddy roads from dawn to dusk and spent their few remaining Kwacha coins on buses in an 800-km journey to Kitwe Central Eye Hospital. It was the farthest any of the four had ever ventured from their tiny village in their lives!

When Orbis volunteer surgeon, Dr. Benjamin, and his locally trained counterpart, Dr. Mboni, examined the Mwika kids they discovered all three were suffering from congenital cataracts and immediately arranged for surgery. Unexpectedly, even Mrs. Mwika was found to have an eye disease for which she received laser treatment.

After the operations, everybody's sight was greatly improved. As a result of your kindness, the whole Mwika family is now looking forward to a future far brighter than they have formerly ever dreamt possible.

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