All new parents wish to see their babies grow up healthy, happy and free from pain.

Blind since birth, Nejat's dad never thought his affliction would pass to his infant daughter. Yet when she was just one, Nejat was diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts. She had acceptable vision in the first couple years of her life but had become functionally blind in the last five years that prohibited her from attending school. However, Nejat's blind father and asthma-suffering mother were unable to accept full care of Nejat and to hospital for a cure. Unable to bear the prospect of a harmless baby living in endless darkness, Nejat's cousin took her to the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in the hope of a cure. Although Nejat's parents could not attend surgery due to his own blindness, Nejat was unafraid. Her operation was a complete success, Nejat is now happily caring for her father.

Young as Nejat now eagerly anticipates helping others in need as doctor.