"Mum told me that Musadika's home was small and crude with only a bed and some daily necessities. Though I cannot see, I possess a lot of things… My home is very comfortable and lovely, my parents have devoted all that they can to actualize my dreams. On the contrary, blindness deprived Jui's chance to study. This reminds me to cherish what I have. I believe in Orbis' works, I will try hard to save as many patients as possible even with my limited ability." Hoi Yan said.

Siu Hoi Yan, a blind girl in Hong Kong

In 2012, Hoi Yan and several Orbis donors joined a tour to visit our Bangladesh program to understand our sight-saving work and also cheer up the eye disease patients. During the trip, Hoi Yan visited Musadika, a 5-year-old girl who suffered from bilateral congenital cataract. Musadika's father is a farmer who earns only 2,000 Taka (about HKD200) a month, which is hardly adequate to feed the whole family. Suffering from malnutrition and hadn't got any vaccination during pregnancy, Musadika's mum had her two daughters both got eye diseases. Her elder daughter, Jui, had already blind because of late treatment and could never see again. It is the family's double strike for Musadika also has eye disease as they could not afford Musadika's treatment. Luckily, the outreach worker of our program discovered her case, Musadika finally received the much needed surgery and her recovery goes very well. The family hopes that Musadika can become a doctor when grown up so that she can help other needy patients in the country.

After visiting the patients' parents, Hoi Yan's mum & dad felt even sorrow, "All parents always want to protect their kids with all efforts, however living in a place where a football, or a piece of biscuit or candy is already so scant, what can they do with their kids' eye disease? As a parent, I strongly felt the great sadness of Jui's parents who saw their child becoming blind just because they are poor and they can do nothing about that. I am more determined to support Orbis and together we can stop more tragedies from happening again.

Hoi Yan and her parents determined to share their happiness with needy eye disease patients in the world. Their sharing will not make them having less, but on the contrary will give them more happiness.