About "Kids Sight Friends"

In the minute it takes you to read this, another child somewhere will go blind. There are now around 1.4 million children worldwide who suffer from eye diseases or blurred vision.

Your regular Orbis "Kids Sight Friends" monthly donation helps give us the stable, continuous income we need to conduct sustainable pediatric sight-saving initiatives worldwide. Enhancing the long-term capacity of our local partner institutions remains our major focus in this area. Our ultimate aim is to ensure our partners can independently provide affordable, accessible and sustainable quality pediatric eye care for kids. Your regular donations help free up funds by simplifying and cutting administrative processes and costs, so that we can help even more kids to see again. Your kids can even help save visually-impaired kids' sight and transform their lives by just sacrificing a toy or a combo set each month. They will then learn valuable lessons about caring for others through this meaningful action.

As an Orbis Kids Sight Friend, you will receive:

  • a personalized Orbis Kids Sight Friend membership card
  • Orbis' biannual "Observer" and regular electronic updates
  • invitations to activities such as donor gatherings, parent-child sight-saving field trips, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital tours and fun parent-child/individual workshops
  • an eye examination package at the Orbis price of HK$350 at PolyVision Eyecare Centres
  • attractive annual certificates and souvenirs


Simply make a monthly donation via your Hong Kong dollar bank account or credit card. Once your auto payment authorization is approved, we'll send you a letter confirming when your donations will begin. Your Orbis Kids Sight Friends donation will normally be debited on the 15th day of each month or the next working day if the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday.

All accumulated donations of HK$100 or over annually are tax deductible in Hong Kong. Annual receipts for monthly donations will be issued in April (please specify the name on receipt if it's different from the donor).

Need to update your monthly donation arrangement? Then please contact us or click here to download form.

A continuing monthly donation of HK$50 helps subsidize strabismus surgery for one child each year.

A continuing monthly donation of HK$120 helps subsidize cataract surgery for five people each year.

A continuing monthly donation of HK$250 helps cover the cost of distributing antibiotics that will protect 500 people from blindness-causing trachoma each year.

A continuing monthly donation of HK$500 helps fund training for an ophthalmic nurse who will provide eye care services and basic surgery that will prevent corneal-scarring resulting from infectious trachoma in rural areas each year.

A continuing monthly donation of HK$1,000 helps finance six rural eye camps which will examine 3,000 villagers for cataracts each year.