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2014 YEARIN REVIEW LETTER FROM THE CHAIR 3 OUR IMPACT 4 FINANCIALS 6 VOLUNTEERS SPECIAL THANKS 8 DONORS 12 MEDICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE 15 GLOBAL CORPORATE PARTNERS 17 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP 18 WORLDWIDE OFFICES 20 2014 YEARIN REVIEW 2 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW PHOTOGRAPH GEOFF OLIVER BUGBEE DEDICATED ORBIS VOLUNTEER FACULTY DR. DOUGLAS FREDRICK PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGIST FROM STANFORD UNIVERSITY TRAINING MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ABOARD THE FLYING EYE HOSPITAL IN HUE VIETNAM. 32014 YEAR IN REVIEW DEAR FRIENDS As Chairman of the Board of Orbis International it is my distinct pleasure to share our many successes from 2014 with you through this Year in Review. Together we continued to transform the lives of individuals and their communities around the world through access to quality eye care. In 2014 our incredible impact continuedwe successfully carried out six Flying Eye Hospital programs around the world. Our long-term programs in Asia Africa and Latin America regions continued to grow. We built upon our 2013 introduction to a long-term program in Ghana and expanded our reach with new long-term programs in Mongolia. In total Orbis trained 26912 doctors nurses other eye care professionals and community workersvolunteers and we supported programs in which 67243 eye surgeries and laser procedures were performed and 2671075 screenings and examinations were conducted. In addition to programmatic successes Orbis reached a number of extraordinary milestones in 2014. After 12 years the Telehealth and Program Technology team relaunched the award- winning Cybersight Consult program. The Flying Eye Hospital received accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International AAAASFI as a fully functioning hospital ensuring that patients onboard receive the best ophthalmic care possible in line with international medical standards. The customized modules for the MD-10 were delivered to Victorville California where the plane is undergoing its transformation into the next-generation Flying Eye Hospital. Perhaps most visibly we introduced our new brand identity to better showcase the impact that Orbis brings to communities and individuals around the world. Our vision for the future remains clear a world in which no one is needlessly blind or visually impaired. I am proud to be a part of the Orbis team and grateful for your unwavering commitment. Your contributions and partnership allowed us to accomplish so much in 2014 and I look forward to the exciting successes we will achieve together in years to come. On behalf of Orbis thank you. Kevin McAllister President and CEO Services GE Aviation Chairman Board of Directors Orbis International PHOTOGRAPH PHOTOLINK 4 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW OUR IMPACT When sight is restored to people who are visually impaired individuals lives are transformed family burdens are lightened and communities are strengthened. Were giving countless communities access to quality eye care by strengthening health systems enhancing the skills and resources of our partners and advocating for the prioritization of eye health on public health agendas. WEVE BEEN A PIONEER IN THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF BLINDNESS FOR OVER 30 YEARS AND HAVE WORKED IN 92COUNTRIES Afghanistan Albania Armenia Bahrain Bangladesh Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Cte dIvoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia France Germany Ghana Greece Grenada Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti Honduras India Indonesia Iraq Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Libya Lithuania Malawi Malaysia Mali Malta Mexico Mongolia Morocco Myanmar Nepal Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Puerto Rico Romania Russia Saint Lucia Senegal Serbia and Montenegro Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Swaziland Syria Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Uzbekistan Vietnam Zambia 52014 YEAR IN REVIEW IN PROGRAMS SUPPORTED BY ORBIS IN 2014 2.67 5 OTHERS NURSES EYE CARE WORKERS COMMUNITY WORKERS AND VOLUNTEERS WERE TRAINED DOCTORS WERE TRAINED PATIENTS WERE MANAGED USING CYBERSIGHT 24571 2341 1303 MILLION MILLION SCREENINGSEXAMINATIONS WERE PERFORMED ON THE FLYING EYE HOSPITAL AND AT PARTNER INSTITUTIONS ADULTS AND CHILDREN INDIVIDUALS RECEIVED A DOSE OF ZITHROMAX OR TEO IN TRACHOMA ELIMINATION PROGRAMS 67243 SURGERIESLASER PROCEDURES WERE PERFORMED ON THE FLYING EYE HOSPITAL AND AT PARTNER INSTITUTIONS ADULTS AND CHILDREN TRAINEES WHO PARTICIPATED IN MORE THAN ONE TRAINING MAY HAVE BEEN COUNTED MORE THAN ONCE. 6 2014 FINANCE REPORT In 2014 Orbiss global view of its financial performance including all seven affiliates show that over 172.6M was generated in revenue and support. Overall the organization finished the year with a net excess of 1.39M and total net assets of 65.0M. Most importantly 89.3 or 152.9M of our total expenditures were invested in executing our projects in blindness prevention training screening treatments and surgeries. 8.4 14.3M was spent on fundraising and 2.3 percent 4.1M was spent on management and general expenses. Orbis entered 2015 financially well-positioned to support the growth of its global operations and to best serve its goal of transforming lives through eliminating avoidable blindness. Mr. Thomas J. Hill Chief Financial Administrative Officer Orbis Mr. Bruce N. Whitman Chairman President and CEO FlightSafety International Inc. Chairman Orbis Audit Committee SOURCES OF REVENUE GLOBAL VIEW OF ORBIS INTERNATIONAL AND AFFILIATES PERIOD ENDING DECEMBER 31 2014 73 1 13 2 4 2 5 CORPORATIONS FOUNDATIONS INDIVIDUALS EVENTS BEQUESTS OTHER MAJOR DONORS 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW 7 ORBIS WORLDWIDE FINANCIALS ORBIS AND REVENUE EXCESS AFFILIATES AND SUPPORT EXPENSES DEFICIT NET ASSETS International 153605 152845 761 53468 United Kingdom 9450 9182 268 6228 Canada 827 701 125 1547 Ireland 876 899 23 337 Macau 2074 1849 226 430 Singapore 323 236 87 1425 South Africa 3873 3737 137 598 Taiwan 1618 1810 192 988 Total 172646 171259 1388 65021 Audited financial statements are available separately for International and Affiliates by contacting Orbis Finance Department 520 Eighth Avenue 12th Floor New York NY 10018 USA. GLOBAL VIEW OF ORBIS INTERNATIONAL AND AFFILIATES Period ending December 31 2014 USD in 000s HOW WE USE OUR FUNDS MANAGEMENT GENERAL 3 FUNDRAISING 8 PROGRAMS SERVICES 89 89 PROGRAMS SERVICES 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW 8 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW VOLUNTEER MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS Ann-Marie Ablett UK Isabel Aguilera UK Wallace Lee Alward USA Bazil Ateleanu UK Lawrence Azavedo UK Bhupesh Bagga India Pamela Bailey South Africa Samar Basak India Larry Benjamin UK James Brandt USA Stephen Brodovsky Canada Donal Brosnahan Ireland Sandra Burnett USA John Carter USA David Celaschi UK Marc Cepela USA Kakarla V. Chalam USA Radhika Chalwa Canada R. V. Paul Chan USA Gabriela Chong Hong Kong Victor Chong UK Peng Peng Chuah Malaysia Simon Courtman UK Maria Rosa Cueva Peru Elethia Dean USA We are extremely grateful to our dedicated network of Volunteer Faculty who generously donate their time and talent to Orbis each year. The following individuals participated in program activities from January 1 to December 31 2014. Orbis would like to extend a special thank-you to the following individuals who served aboard the Flying Eye Hospital in 2014 as Associate Ophthalmologists. Rory Allar Ashley Brissette Mazen Choulakian Jennifer DeNiro Nathaniel Gebhard Min-Yu Michael Huang Nora Khatib Sharlene Prile Karen Revere Mahmood Showail Andrew Simpson Harmanjit Singh Hoi Yau Heather Tang Laura Vickers Patrick Yang Fiona Dean UK Leo de Kryger Canada Hardeep Dhindsa USA Michael Eckstein UK Sherif El-Defrawy Canada Mairead English Ireland Ian Fleming UK Douglas Fredrick USA Robyn Frick USA Antonia Gerber-Setz New Zealand Ruchi Goel India Parikshit Gogate India Karl Golnik USA Artem Grush USA Sin Yee Ho Hong Kong Angela James New Zealand Sandra Johnson USA Karyn Elizabeth Jonas USA Amy Jost USA Yasser Khan Canada Robert Kersten USA Peter Kertes Canada Milind Killedar India Hari Kumar India Wai-Ching Lam Canada David Laws UK Alice Lee Canada 92014 YEAR IN REVIEW Captain Cynthia Berwyn Captain Jim Bevier Captain Harold Biestek Captain David Blizzard Captain Mark Cardwell Captain Michael Christiansen Captain Patrick Corrigan Captain Samuel Davis Captain Stephen Dee Captain Peter Doran Captain Gary Dyson Captain Michael Flood Captain Lewis Flower Captain Carl Hakenen Captain David Hayes Captain Samuel Hezlep Captain David Hulbert Captain Ronald Jones Captain Scott Maw Captain Robert Moreau Captain Gordon Platt Captain Richard Rouse Captain Robert Rutherford Captain Charlie Sutton Captain Eric Van Court Captain Mark Vaughan Captain Gilbert Vondriska Captain William Willson Captain Curtis Wilson Captain Terry Zubrod VOLUNTEER PILOTS The work of the Flying Eye Hospital would not be possible without the innovative partnership between Orbis and the volunteer pilots and flight engineers who join us from FedEx and United Airlines. Vincent Lee Hong Kong Princeton Lee UK James Lehmann USA Richard Gary Lane USA Alex Levin USA Mark Mannis USA Janet Marsden UK Tony McAleer Ireland Timothy McCulley USA Kimberly McQuaid USA Ron Meidan Israel Elkin Mejia USA Alfonso Mendoza-Alvarado Colombia David Miller USA Eydie Miller-Ellis USA Anne Moore USA Peter Moore USA Carrie Muntz USA Somashelia Murthy India Daniel Neely USA Mary OHara USA Scott Olitsky USA Carlos Omphroy USA Ernesto Otero Colombia Susanna Park USA Chee Soon Phaik Singapore Ronald Pelton USA Susan Pepin USA Toni Pilcher Australia Donna Punch Canada Danilo Ramos USA Manish Raval UK Manolito Reyes Philippines Sanjay Saikia UK Ahmed Sallam UK Arif Samad Canada Thomas Samuelson USA Natalio Schwartz USA Benjamin Shalev Israel Craig Simms Canada Noreen Smith USA Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan India Rosalind Stevens USA Sukumar Sudheer UK Donny Suh USA Grace Sun USA Poornachandran Sundaram India Rishi Swarup India Luu Tong Vietnam Jay Vicencio Philippines Rudolph Wagner USA James Whelan Canada M. Edward Wilson USA Mitchell Wolf USA Xiangwei Zhang USA Yuan Zhang USA 10 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW SPECIAL THANKS INDIVIDUALS Mr. Wally Andrushenko Mr. Stephen Anderson Mr. Daniel Baron Mr. Tim Bradley Mr. Darrel Branine Mr. Bradley Brose Mr. Fred Bruch Mr. Tom Busian Mr. Michael Chavez Mr. John Chen Mr. David Cheung Mr. Mike Clark Mr. Nicholas Colin Mr. Richard Comfort Mr. William Cusato Mr. Eric Dawson Mr. Sean Demarti Mr. Tom Deosaran Mr. Don Dillman Mr. Jim Doty Ms. Nancy Drewery Dr. Daniel Etyaale Mr. Andr Mama Fouda Mr. George Garcia Ms. Gail Gaul Mr. Mike Goeden Mr. Fred Goetschel Dr. Maria Hagan Mr. Bruce Haltom Mr. Alex Hare Mr. Henry Thuan Hoa Mr. Kittisak Inthong Mr. Tom Jenkins Mr. Dwayne Johnson Prof. Kenneth Kagame Mr. Fred Kennedy Mr. Phil Kliewer Ms. Pam Knowles Mr. Mike Krueger Mr. Cheng-Chang Kuo Mr. Richard Kusmierz Mr. Jason Kwok Ms. Teresa Larsen Ms. Cynthia Law Dr. Francis Law Mr. Gary Law Mr. Bruce Leang Ms. Alice Lee Ms. Filona Lee Dr. Kgaogelo Legodi Mr. Ah Lei Ms. Denise Leung Dr. Susan Levine Mr. Shan Li Mr. Brian Little Ms. Wang Fung Ling Dr. Ying Lu Ms. Maggiemarket Mr. Tamer Makary Ms. Alex Mastrosimone Prof. Ibrahim Mathende Mr. Fred Maupertuis Mr. John McCormick Mr. Jack McHale Ms. Sarah McKeever Ms. Chris McMenemy Mr. Massoud Mestchian Mr. Jaime Meza Dr. Michael Mol HE Mr. Kgalema Motlanthe Ms. Sandra Ng Mr. Stephen Nip Ms. Michelle Nolan Mr. Orlando Rosado Mrs. Rui-Yun Ou Ms. Kearen Pang Mr. Ray Para Mr. Mike Parchment Mr. Quang Duy Pham Ms. Donna Price Mr. Justin Poy Mr. Neville Poy Ms. Hai Qing Mr. Eduardo Santiago Mr. Edward Sawyer Ms. Brandy Schroyer Mr. Darren Scott Mr. Lee Sedler Mr. Robert Severyn Mr. Robert Slett Mr. Jason Smith Dr. Anthony Solomon Mr. Dave Sorrell Mr. Jack Springer Ms. Donna Stovall Mr. Rick Tabares Mr. Garfield Taffe Ms. Lobin Tan Mr. Charles Thompson Mr. Mark Thompson Mr. Bill Thornton Mr. Chi Tran Mr. Buyani Tswane Ms. Hengmin Wang Ms. Noelle Whitestone Ms. Sarah Williams Ms. Phoebe Wong Ms. Lisa Xiang HE Philmon Yang Mr. Mark Yerger Mr. Kelvin Young Mr. Yue Yuan Mr. Ken Youngstein Mr. Atef Zaroura Mr. Gary Zhou 112014 YEAR IN REVIEW CORPORATIONS Ackroyd Africa Vision Research Institute Air Macau The Aircraft Group Alliance Medical Gas Amref Health Africa Aravind Archcake Design Company BABI Taiwan BHVI Boeing Borsalini Bosma Enterprises Brien Holden Vision Institute Carson Dragon Co. Ltd Cellhire Charities and Societies Agency of Ethiopia CIBC WWSC Close Air Support COECSA Columbia Sportswear Company Communication W Country Road Outdoor Sport Co. Dayeh Takashimaya Co. Ltd. DFID via Sightsavers Ethiopian Airports Authority Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy LLP Frequencia Latina The Gate Worldwide Gisteo Honeywell I-Mei Foods ICF International Insight International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness International Coalition for Trachoma Control Izumi Foundation JAM Direct Jeppesen LIFT Strategic Design Tasa Meng Education Foundation National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness National Trachoma Taskforce Navhouse Corporation Noviant Ogilvy Mather Advertising Omni Air International Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort and SPA Partners for Global Research and Development PartsBase Pizza Hut Regional Health Bureau of SNNPRS of Ethiopia RSVP Communications Ltd. Sightlife Sightsavers International The Swath Group China Ltd. Taipei Financial Center Corp. Taskforce for Global Health Inc. International and Ethiopia Office Thompson Aerospace Thornton Technologies True Yoga Unical Aviation Unicorn Human Resource Consultants United Airlines Universal Weather Aviation University of California Davis University of Cape Town USAID via Partners for Global Research and Development WaterAid Ethiopia WorkingHouse World Health Organization York Business Interior Corp. 12 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW DONORS USA MULTI-YEAR GRANTS 1000000 Alcon FedEx OMEGA Pfizer Inc. 100000 - 999999 The Skirball Foundation The Spiritus Gladius Foundation Stavros Niarchos Foundation U.S. Agency for International Development including ASHA 2014 DONORS 100000-999999 Mrs. Kathleen Knight Ronald McDonald House Charities 50000-99999 George and Valerie Delacorte Fund Mrs. Corinne Graber Robert Wood Johnson 1962 Charitable Trust The New York Community Trust Berkson Walisever Charitable Foundation Inc. 25000-49999 Clifford Chance US LLP Mr. and Mrs. Langdon P. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Fresco GE Foundation Izumi Foundation Ms. Dina Merrill-Hartley Mr. Andrew Pickens 10000-24999 Allergan Foundation The Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buck CSI International The William H. Donner Foundation Inc. Larry Feinberg Family Foundation Mr. James D. Forbes The Grayson Fund Mr. Gregory Hall Ms. Kathleen M. Ilyin Mr. David Pyle Jackson Jackson Kemper Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McMullen The Moore Charitable Foundation Inc. New World Medical Inc. Henry E. Niles Foundation Inc. Mr. James R. Parker Mr. Adrian Paull Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Peters Sol. R. Rubin and Neddy Rubin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Stenson Truist United Way of the Mid South Ms. Diana Wheeler The Willow Springs Foundation 5000-9999 AIG Matching Grants Program Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bale Bank of America Charitable Foundation Inc. Ms. Nan Bases The George W. Bauer Family Foundation Mr. Douglas Brennan Corroon Foundation Inc. Joan and James J. Delaney Donor Advised Fund Mr. Nicholas Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Frantz Mr. Donald N. Guateri Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harbeck Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Hobbs Mrs. Jenny Hourihan Ms. Gwen M. Houston Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Huddart Mr. and Mrs. John Hutcheson IBM Employee Services Center Mrs. Frances A. Johnson Mrs. Marilyn R. Katzman Mr. Takashi Kousaka Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paul Luce Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Lund Mr. and Mrs. Terence F. Markey Mr. Kevin G. McAllister Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. John J. Monagle Network for Good Vallavbhai and Savitaben Patel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Hyde C. Perce William L. Price Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Oki Purwanto Ms. Kathryn Pytel Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Rothman Solid Concepts Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Johannes W. Tempelaar-Lietz Ms. Zheng Wang Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Whitman Mr. Peter Wunsch Legacy Gifts Estate of Fredirick W. Arndt Estate of Edith C. Bauersfeld Estate of Robert A. Blumenthal Estate of William R. Boyle Estate of Ruth Fisher Estate of Richard C. Hoffman Estate of Grace A. Johnson Estate of W.W. and H.J. Klos Estate of Paul E. McManus Estate of Randall A. Sanger Estate of Darrold P. Stogsdill 132014 YEAR IN REVIEW CANADA 100000.00 Donner Canadian Foundation The Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy 50000 - 99999 Mrs. Suzette A. De Villiers 10000 - 24999 Benefaction Foundation Ms. Helen Chau Mr. Chen Zhong Ming Mr. Kresho M. Petrovich Mr. Tom Timmons Transworld Management Ltd. 5000 - 9999 Mr. Joseph L. M. Leung UCruising Vacations Ms. Mabel Yip ASIA HK1 million Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation Jebsen Group Kee Wah Bakery Miss Ho Cheuk Chi Susanna Miss Ho Cheuk Wai Salina Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Limited SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES LTD NIPSEA Group OKIA Optical Co. Ltd Jay Pok Sands China Ltd. Shanghai Xinyu Watch Clock Group LTD. Ms. Annie Suen TAMS SHOP The Fred Hollows Foundation Weekend Weekly HK100000-199999 ABUNDANT GRACE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD. BB GROUP COMPANY LIMITED Bonaqua Mineralized Water CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS LIMITED Chen Yang Foo Oi Foundation Limited CHINA GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION LTD. Miss Lo Lai Chun City Super Limited COMPASS VISA Cup Magazine Publishing Limited Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited Dah Sing Bank Limited Darizi Limited Dr. Eileen Tse Yuen Yee Memorial Fund e-Zone Hong Kong Economic Times Ltd Galaxy Entertainment Group Good Drop Chessman Charity Culture Ms. Lily He Hong Kong Descente Trading Limited Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Hutchison-Priceline Travel Limited HK500000-999999 Bank of China Macau Branch Mr. Gibb Gregory Dean Economic Digest Green Tomato Limited Lee Foundation Melco Group OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited Sing Pao Media Enterprises Hong Kong Limited Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan Limited Standard Chartered Bank China Mrs. Grace Tsao HK200000-499999 759 Store Accor AlfaxMedia Clinic TV Asia Miles AXA Hong Kong Caffco International Limited Chi Ha Yuen Limited China World Trade Center CHOCOOLATE LIMITED Collyer Logistics International Ltd CONNOISSEUR REPORT Deutsche Bank AG Singapore Drs. Richard Charles Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation Fung Leung Kee Watch GLOBAL MANUFACTURING PARTNERS HOLDINGS LTD Hasbro Far East Limited Ms. Lei Ioc Heng Hotmob Limited House of Avenues Koi Kei Food Co. Ltd. LOCCITANE Mr. Max Liu MGM China Holdings Ltd. Inland Revenue Department Sports Association Jing Wah Art Association Kam Lung Motor Group Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association LOCCITANE TRADING SHANGHAI CO. LTD. Ms. Jaimie Lam Learning Plus Language Centre Ms. Wang Fung Ling Macau Hip Cheng Sports Club mens uno NDN Group Limited Optical 88 Limited Permasteelisa Group Peter Fu Kuo International Pte Ltd REGAL PRINTING LIMITED RoadShow Mr. Rusy M. Shroff BBS MBE and Mrs. Purviz R. Shroff SJM Grand Lisboa SNICKERS STELUX HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Sunny Creations Ltd. Tai Fung Bank Limited Tasa Meng Education Foundation The Body Shop HK Macau UNIVERSE WATCH TRADING CO. LTD. V. K. Hsu and Sons Foundation Limited Wynn Resorts Macau S.A. Ying Wa College Ms. Candy Xia Ms. Amy Yam Mr. Cheng Hing Yu Ms. Xun Zi 14 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW DONORS CONTINUED UNITED KINGDOM GENEROUS INDIVIDUALS CHARITABLE TRUSTS AND FOUNDATIONS Gifts of 5000 The Aldama Foundation The Anamax Charitable Foundation Anamika The Bliss Family Charity Mr. Bruce Mrs. Elaine Buck Carpenter Charitable Trust Mr. John Caudwell Covent Garden Group Foundation Mr. Peter Cunningham Ms. Pamela Dawswell Mr. Anthony Fincham The Simon Gibson Charitable Trust Mr. Ivan Hatvany The Headley Trust Mr. Peter Mrs. Rosey Hickson The Beatrice Laing Trust Dr. Hilda Lewis The Myristica Club Mr. Norman Newton Mr. Richard Mrs. Amicia Oldfield The Pinchbeck Charitable Trust Ms. Melanie Richards The Rothermere Foundation The Bhim Ruia Foundation Mr. Bim Sandhu Mr. Urs and Mrs. Francesca Schwarzenbach Dr. Christine Tomkins The Whickers World Foundation Mr. Peter Williams Mr. Henry Wyndham STATUTORY FUNDERS Gifts of 40000 The Department for International Development DFID via Sightsavers Jersey Overseas Aid Commission States of Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission CORPORATE PARTNERS Gifts of 1000 ACS International Schools Air Charter Service Airport Operators Association Altomed Blink Medical COFRA Foundation Euromoney Institutional Investors plc European Society of Cataract Refractive Surgeons European Society of Retina Specialists Fabris Lane Finter Bank Zurich Hamad International Airport Optica Gallery Oryx Rotana Doha Qatar Airways Rayner Intraocular Lenses Richfields Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC Rothschild Santander Wembley Branch Searcys Skadden Arps Slate Meagher Flom Sothebys Southampton International Airport UAS International Trip Support Weightmans William Allen Young Charitable Trust Zoobug IRELAND STATUTORY FUNDERS Gifts of 100000 Irish Aid Civil Society Fund CORPORATE PARTNERS Gifts of 100000 Avolon AWAS Gifts of 5000 Air Finance JournalEuromoney Airbus Financial Services Boeing Commercial Aircraft Clifford Chance Ethiopian Airlines Etihad Airways Fitzwilliam Hotels Gifts in Kind Ampleforth Ltd Centric Health Dillon Eustace Drury Porter Novelli Irish Welcome Tours KPMG Ms. Orla Kearney Light House Cinema Lufthansa Technik Shannon Limited Mr. Mel Maclaine SOUTH AFRICA GRANTS R 1000000 Embassy of Japan South Africa Standard Chartered Bank R 200 000 Discovery Fund Tsunami Foundation Victor Daitz Foundation R 50 000 The Allergan Foundation Bausch Lomb Capital Equipment Group Truworths Community Foundation Plus other generous donors who wish to remain anonymous 152014 YEAR IN REVIEW R 5 000 Avnet Kopp Buffelsdale Primary School Embassy of the United States Foundation for Human Rights Illovo Sugar Limited Truworths Chairmans Foundation R 1 000 D.H. Moosa Willowton Oil Foundation Methodist WCF INDIVIDUALS Ms. Samantha Bacon Mr. Faried Bassier Ms. Nicole Bruckner Ms. Diza Burnett Mr. Russell Burnett Mr. Tudor Caradoc-Davies Ms. Cheryl Carolus Ms. Carole Ellis Ms. Suraya Farren Dr. Geoff Foat Ms. Lynn Geater Dr. Theshentree Govender Ms. Catherine Grant Mr. Petr Havlik Ms. Beverly Hosket Mr. Bradley Hosket Ms. Susan Hosket Ms. Jennifer Hull Ms. Judy Kneppers Mr. Andries Krause Ms. Maria Kruger Mr. Gary Kruser Mr. Ryan Larkan Mr. Christopher Lenferna Mr. Ian Logan Ms. Esther Lungren Mr. Joe Lungren Sr. Mr. Rodney Maharage Mr. Manuel Jose Maia Mr. Wicus Malherbe Mr. Lucien Manga Prof. Angela Mathee Mr. Daemon McClunan Ms. Mirriam Mogotsi Ms. Mary Montgomery Ms. Eileen Monti Mr. Andrew Neely Dr. Daniel Neely Mr. Jerry Neely Ms. Lucille Neely Mr. Justin Newdigate Mr. Hugh Newman Ms. Tracey OBrien Ms. Catherine Parker Mr. Pilla Dr. Indren Pillay Mr. Anton Potgieter Ms. Louise Renton Mr. Jef van Rooyen Ms. Joanne Rowland Dr. Yaadia Seevnarayan Ms. Carla Sher Mr. Mark Sher Mr. Casper Steenkamp Mr. Alberto Struck Mr. Andre Swart Ms. June Teare Ms. Camilla Thorogood Mr. Harvey Trent Mr. Johan Uys Ms. Jane Venter Mr. Rob Walters Mr. Stuart Watson Ms. Nina van Zyl ORBIS INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Pravin Dugel Chairman Managing Partner Retinal Consultants of Arizona LTD Retinal Research Institute LLC Phoenix AZ Dr. Hunter Cherwek Medical Director Strategic Markets Alcon Beijing China Mr. Paul Forrest Ex-officio Interim President and CEO Orbis New York NY Mr. Leo de Kryger De Kryger Consulting Ottawa Canada Dr. Alex Levin Chief Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Genetics Wills Eye Institute Philadelphia PA Dr. Jonathan Lord Global Medical Director Orbis London United Kingdom Prof. Janet Marsden RN Professor of Ophthalmology and Emergency Care Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester United Kingdom Ms. Chris McMenemy President Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services LLC Columbia SC Dr. Daniel Neely Professor of Ophthalmology Indiana University Indianapolis IN Dr. Rosalind Stevens Professor of Surgery Dartmouth College Hanover NH Gifts in Kind Brewers Logic DSTV Media Sales ISEBOX Mediaweb Online Ministry of Health Zambia Pick n Pay Premium Brand Distributors Print Signage Solutions SSEM Mthembu PHOTOGRAPH GEOFF OLIVER BUGBEE 17 GLOBAL CORPORATE PARTNERS Orbis Global Corporate Sponsors provide ongoing support to Orbis including financial support for programs and general operating expenses support for the Flying Eye Hospital and generous in-kind gifts of goods and services. In 2014 we demonstrated our continued commitment to patient safety by gaining accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International AAAASFI for the Flying Eye Hospital FEH. With the assistance of Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services Orbis passed inspection of hundreds of important criteria concerning patient safetythe same criteria used to evaluate first-class outpatient facilities around the world. 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW18 Orbis appreciates the support of the following board members who gave their time and expertise to provide leadership and direction from January 1 to December 31 2014. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ORBIS INTERNATIONAL 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW OFFICERS Mr. Kevin G. McAllister Chairman President and CEO Services GE Aviation Cincinnati OH Mr. James R. Parker Vice Chairman Executive Vice President Air Operations FedEx Express Memphis TN Ms. Diana Wheeler Secretary Senior Vice President Teammate Resources FlightSafety International Inc. Flushing NY Mr. Peter Allen FCPA FCA FRAeS Treasurer Chief Executive Officer Vintage Wings of Canada Quebec Canada Mr. Paul Forrest Interim CEO and President Orbis New York NY DIRECTORS Mr. Michael Boyd Lobinstown Ireland Ms. Sharon Dogonniuck Managing Director and Head of Financial Institutions Corporate Finance Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC New York NY Mr. James Forbes Vice Chairman UBS New York NY Mr. Gregory F. Hall Senior Vice President Technical Operations FedEx Express Memphis TN Mr. Ted Hartley Chief Executive Officer RKO Pictures Hollywood CA Mr. John Howitt Partner Clifford Chance US LLP New York NY Ambassador Patricia Moller Ret. Rock Hall MD EMERITUS DIRECTORS Mr. Langdon P. Cook Greenwich CT Dr. Francis A. LEsperance Jr. New York NY Dr. Brian C. Leonard Professor of Ophthalmology University of Ottawa Eye Institute Ontario Canada Mr. John J. McHale Santa Ana CA Mr. John S. Slattery Chief Commercial Officer Embraer Commercial Aviation Dublin Ireland Dr. Fred W. Telling PhD Port Orange FL Mr. Adrian J. Paull Vice President Customer Product Support Honeywell Automation Control Solutions Phoenix AZ Dato Kulasegaran Sabaratnam Vice Chairman Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital Selangor Malaysia Founder President Asean Association of Eye Hospitals Selangor Malaysia Mr. Robert F. Walters FRCS FRCS Ed FRCOphth Ophthalmologist Somerset United Kingdom Mr. Bruce N. Whitman Chairman President and CEO FlightSafety International Inc. Flushing NY 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW 19 ORBIS MACAU Mr. Paul Forrest Chairman Ms. Diana Wheeler Secretary Mr. Thomas Hill Treasurer ORBIS TAIWAN Mr. Ray Tsai Board Chairman Mr. Paul Forrest Managing Director Dr. Jorn-Hon Liu Director Mr. Ching-Tsai Chen Director Dr. Liang-Yen Wen Director Ms. Diana M.H. Chen Director Ms. Amy Ou Director Mr. Ming-Liang Lee Director Mr. Wen-Loong Huang Director ORBIS UK Mr. Peter Hickson Chairman Sir Michael Arthur Trustee ORBIS AFRICA Mr. Robert F. Walters FRCS FRCS Ed FRCOphth DO Chair Professor Emeritus Anthony Murray Director Professor Shirley Zinn Director Professor Emeritus Shirley Pendlebury Director Ms. Lene verland Director Mr. Nigel Young Director Ms. Rebecca Cronin Director Mr. Adrian J. Paull Director ORBIS CANADA Mr. Peter Allen FCPA FCA FRAeS President Dr. Simon P. Holland M.D. Vice President Mr. Winston K. Fogarty Secretary Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy Director Mr. Doug Turnbull Director The Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy Director Mr. Paul Forrest Ex-Officio Director ORBIS IRELAND Dr. Maurice Cox Chairman Mr. Michael Boyd Director Mr. Donal Brosnahan Director Mr. John Crowe Director Ms. Ann-Marie Curran Director Mr. Paul Dobey Observer Mr. Michael Holland Director Mr. Andrew Lowe Director Mr. Trevor Lydon Treasurer Ms. Clare ODea Director Ms. Mark Pollock Director Dr. Ray Power Director Mrs. Carina Ryan Director Mr. Raymond Sisson Director Mr. Lorcan Tiernan Director Mr. Ronan Traynor Director Mr. Larry Benjamin FRCS Ed FRCOphth DO Trustee Mr. Michael Boyd Trustee Mr. Kit Braden Trustee Mr. Bruce Buck Trustee Mr. Anthony Cowles Trustee Mr. Maurice Cox Trustee Mr. James Forbes Trustee Ms. Mary Killen Trustee Professor Nag Rao Trustee Ms. Melanie Richards Trustee Dr. Christine Tomkins FRCS FRCOphth FRCP Trustee General Charles Vyvyan CB CBE Trustee Mr. Robert F. Walters FRCS FRCS Ed FRCOphth DO Trustee Mr. Nigel Young Trustee ORBIS SINGAPORE Mr. Seng-Thiam Khoo Director Dr. Donald Tan Director 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW 20 INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 520 Eighth Avenue 12th Floor New York NY 10018 USA 1-646-674-5500 tel 1-646-674-5599 fax BANGLADESH Rangs Barnali Apartment F2 Plot 1 Road 137 Gulshan Dhaka-1212 Bangladesh 880-2-8858033 tel 880-2-8858050 tel 880-2-8820284 fax CANADA 340 College Street Suite 375 Toronto ON M5T 3A9 Canada 416-413-7925 tel 416-413-9115 fax WORLDWIDE OFFICES DESIGN 3RDEDGE.COM PHOTOGRAPHY GEOFF OLIVER BUGBEE Cover and inside printed on sustainably sourced 10 post-consumer recycled paper. Printed with vegetable-based inks. CHINA Suite 50636 6F Tower D Galaxy SOHO No. 7A Xiaopaifang Hutong Dongcheng District Beijing 100010 China 86-10-5957609596 tel 86-10-5957609596 ext. 810 fax Room 4116 41st Floor LL Land Plaza Nanzheng Building No. 580 West Nanjing Road Shanghai 200041 P.R. China 86-21-52541250 tel 86-21-52289296 fax ETHIOPIA 3rd Floor Rebecca Building Haile Gebreselassie Ave. 22 Mazoria Yeka Sub-City Kebele 1112 Addis Ababa 251-11-662 09 96 tel 251-11-662 09 95 fax HONG KONG Room 12 1st Floor Victoria Centre 15 Watson Road North Point Hong Kong 852-2877-9373 tel 852-2877-1297 fax INDIA 6th Floor Fortune Tower II Udyog Vihar Phase III Gurgaon 122016 Haryana India 91124-4284601 tel 91124-4284602 fax IRELAND Bracken Court Bracken Road Sandyford Dublin 18 Ireland 353-1-293-3060 tel 353-1-293-3061 fax MACAU Rua de S. Domingos No. 16 F-L Centro Com. Hin Lei 2F Rm 32 Macau 853-2830-0787 tel 853-2835-6061 fax SINGAPORE 352 Tanglin Road 02-03 Tanglin International Centre Singapore 247671 Tel 65 6479 5875 tel 65 6479 1805 fax SOUTH AFRICA Kings Cross Building 9 Queens Park Avenue Salt River Cape Town 7925 South Africa 27-21-447-7135 tel 27-21-447-7146 fax TAIWAN 3F 118 Tun Hua North Road Taipei 10547 Taiwan ROC 886-2-2546-5046 tel 886-2-2546-5071 fax UNITED KINGDOM Fourth Floor Fergusson House 124-128 City Road London EC1V 2NJ UK 44 0 207 608 7260 tel 44 0 207 253 8483 fax VIETNAM Apartment 303304 Building E4B Diplomatic Compound 6 Dang Van Ngu Dong Da District Hanoi Vietnam 84-4-3942-7355 tel 84-4-3942-7356 fax 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW PHOTOGRAPH GEOFF OLIVER BUGBEE